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   interpretation of the day's lead stories. New. (CC)  

    March 25, 2013
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director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable laughter). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. >> bret: finally >> shannon: finally tonight the internet is giving new ways to attract scouts lucrative offers a football player hoping to opportunity with a professional team decided to post videos of him online doing drills. this is probably not what he originally had planned. [ laughter ]
that was actually his roommate who is a long snapper who -- their cues got a little mixed up. good for him for actually posting it for the world to see. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fox report begins right now. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the american college student, amanda knox, waiting to find out whether she will face trial again for the murder of her roommate. prosecutors asking italy's highest court to overturn her acquittal. now a delay in the verdict. the details ahead. plus, the two teens accused of shooting and killing a baby in a stroller say they didn't do it. but first from fox this monday night. the supreme court is taking on a second case, dealing with affirmative action on college us examines. the justices are already debating a lawsuit against
the university of texas which does consider race in its admissions policy. a white student claims that the policy cost her a spot at that school. now the court is set to hear a challenge to michigan's ban on affirmative action at public colleges. voters approved the ban back in 2006. last year an appeals court struck down the law calling it unconstitutional. trace gallagher on fox top story. is he live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. trace, experts say the timing of this is pretty unusual. >> it's unusual, shep, because the supreme court as we know as you just said is dealing with a similar case and the working policy has long been if there is a similar case being worked on the court would rule on that case first and the lower courts would use that decision to rule on other cases like the michigan case. legal experts say this could be an indication that the high court is either struggling with the texas case, is about to maybe rule on the texas case, maybe as early as this week, or doesn't believe the texas case is broad
enough in scope to have a major impact. one way or another on affirmative action. we should note that justice alayna kagan has accused herself because of conflicts of interest because of both of these cases, shep, if they end four-four, they go back to the appeals court. >> shepard: two cases, trace, very similar but the impact could be really different. >> yeah. because if you look in texas the top 10% of all texas high school students from all high schools are automatically admitted to the university of texas. study shows that leads to a very diverse student body. this case in texas is only dealing with using race to fill a few of the remaining spots in the freshman class. now, the michigan law, which is now banned by the appeals court says that race cannot be used at all that would effect every student application. the supreme court ruled back in 2003 that race can be used for admission so if the court were now to side
with michigan, experts say that would end affirmative action in colleges as we know it shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher in los angeles. thank you. dozens of folks have already lined up outside the court outside the same sex marriage hearings which will get underway tomorrow. the courtroom seats 500 people. fewer than 100 of them will go to the general public, first come, first serve. we will preview the impact of the high court's gay marriage rulings. that's our top story coming up at the bottom of the hour. two teenagers accused of killing a toddler who was in a stroller were today in a georgia court for their first appearance before a judge. the mother of that toddler picked the suspects out of a lineup and she claims one of the boys shot her 13 month old son during an attempted robbery. the mother also claims one of them shot her in the degeneres leg. one of the suspects is an eighth grathe other 17 years o. prosecutors have charged him as an adult. and now the mother of the victim says she is moving to new jersey because of
fears for her own safety. >> i'm too afraid to stay. i mean, there is a lot of crime here. i mean, i have heard from several people in this town about the crime and i can't believe that they could shoot a baby in the face. >> at the same time we also now have 911 audio from the moments after that shooting, here. >> did you hear any shots in the area? >> yes. i heard the shots. >> okay. you heard the shots? >> yes. somebody shot the child. >> go there. >> she has got him on the ground. we need emt's. >> try to be calm. they are enroute to you. how many shots did you hear? >> three shots and the baby has been shot in the head. >> shepard: a court appointed lawyer for the 17-year-old suspect said his client is 1,000% not guilty.
an appeals court in italy has delayed now until tomorrow a decision on whether to retry amanda knox for the murder of her british roommate. you may recall a court, excuse me, found amanda knox guilty of soliciting the roommate's throat during what prosecutors at the time called a drug-fueled sex game. 2011 after four years in prison, a panel of judges dramatically overturned the conviction and released amanda knox. she has since returned to her home in seattle. prosecutors contend the acquittal was a mistake. unlike here in the united states, prosecutors in italy can appeal for a retrial if they lose a case. here we call that double jeopardy. if the judges decide to retry amanda knox, it is unlike delay she would be extra dilted. but her ex-boyfriend who also did four years in prison still lives in italy. so, for him, he could end up back in court and back in prison. in fact, his lawyers were the only ones to show up for today's hearing. the family of the victim
meredith kircher claims the judges should never have released amanda knox and her boyfriend arguing the aquintle was defective. jody diarias murder trial took another turn for the bizarre today. at one point the prosecutor asked the defense psychologist if he he had feelings for the defendant. the woman on trial for stabbing her ex-boyfriend 27 times shooting him and soliciting his throat. feelings for her? that psychologist had testified that based on his findings jody dia.o. -- arias tried to avoid thoughts and feelings and said that was one of the reasons why he diagnosed her with prost traumatic stress disorder. the prosecutor pointed out that the defendant had agreed to not one but two television interviews which aired on 48 hours. wait until you hear how that argument unfolded. >> isn't it true that she discussed feelings, conversations associated with the trauma in the 48 hours interview? >> yes. >> so, again, that speaks against what the number one, doesn't it? >> i'm sorry, i don't see it that way.
>> right. you wouldn't see it that way because you have feelings for the defendant, right? >> i beg your pardon, sir. >> shepard: today mark the psychologist's sixth day on the witness stand. he testified that ptsd may explain why jody diarias may not recall the after the jurors asked more than 100 questions, the prosecutor on thursday began, once again, going after this witness and then today continued it throughout the day. he finally finished only about half an hour ago. and throughout the entire cross-examination, the prosecutor insisted that dr. samuels made mistakes. he continually fudged things and forgot things and misspoke. that's really part of his whole plan and how he basically made mistakes through the his whole report. take a listen. >> although you had training, you still failed in being accurate. we're looking at exhibit
number 544. you weren't accurate there. >> i admit a mistake was made in typing. >> and just like you have had your 35 years of training, you made a mistake. just like you had your 35 years of compassion and -- isn't it true that in this case you lost your objectivity? >> absolutely not. >> shepard that was one of about five or six times where he said he made typing mistakes or had mistakes in the way he recalled things and misspoke. >> shepard: what do we expect to hear from the next defense expert. >> she began 10 minutes ago. she is a domestic violence expert. her name is i have here alice laviolet. she has done this 30 years and written a book. ptsd. she is expected to go after the whole post-traumatic stress disorder which is the same thing that the last dr. samuels last witness went over. alice is expected to do the same thing and say that she was basically a battered woman suffering from ptsd
and that's why her memory is only partial. shepard? adam housley in los angeles. a 10-year-old boy is is dead tonight and mother and brother are injured after a flight information sign fell on them. the latest on this tragedy and the investigation next. plus, a dangerous spring snow storm making a mess for millions of people winter's over but the snow just keeps coming. >> it's not spring break. if it was sand, it would be all right. >> shepard: tonight, the dangerous storm that is canceling flights and causing crashes from the midwest to the east coast. and. >> you are waiting for the winner to contact us. >> the search for whoever just won the 338-million-dollar power ball jackpot. giants mascot. eat up! new jammin jerk chicken soup
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one of those sons, a 10-year-old boy died. we're told his mother is still in serious condition. and as of yesterday, the family priest said the mom did not even yet know about the death of her son. fox extreme weather alert now. the deadly spring snow storm that has already buried parts of the midwest dumping heavy wet snow and sleet up and down the east coast. keep in mind winter just ended a couple of days ago. nearly 500 flights cancelled today, most of them in or out of new york city. the roads weren't much better. car crashes all over the place. police are blaming the storm for two deaths. one in kansas and one in missouri where there is still more than a foot of snow in some spots. i should say fortunately a lot of schools were already closed for spring break and that's mid things a little bit easier and safer. regardless, most folks seem to agree that they have had
enough. >> i heard we were having snow. i did not hear about how much we were getting. it's quite a lot today. >> is it frustrating? i know this is march. it's supposed to be spring. >> yeah, every year seems like it's like this. just have to relax. >> shepard: and the only area that will likely be spared is new england, which seemed to get the worst of just about every big storm this past season. we have team fox coverage now. janice dean is in our meteorology center for us this afternoon. we want to get to steve centanni who is in hagerstown, maryland. what's the situation on the roads now? it looks better. >> it was s. a little bit better it was a nightmare this morning. let me tell you. folks around here wondering whatever happened to springtime. i'm standing right by i-70 which this storm pretty much followed from west to east over the past several days. take a look at the traffic situation right now. not too bad as i said. but the storm began in colorado, came all the way across illinois. missouri, parts of ohio and now the east coast. kind of like a long haul trucker carrying a load of
weather trouble. right here in the d.c. area, western maryland, schools had to be closed. there were a rash of traffic accidents. and a scattering of power outages. but maryland state police here say things could have been worse. listen. >> this particular storm came in quickly. fortunately we got the good media coverage and alerted everybody about it they saw the problems that were in the midwest. traffic today on the interstates is much lighter than it normally is for a monday. >> and we did have about 3 to 5 inches of snow here during a heavy morning rush hour, shep? >> howrpt the airports, steve? >> not a good situation there. there are long delays anywhere from a half hour to an hour and a half depending on each which area you are flying in and out of. definitely call ahead. all the washington, d.c. airports do have delays. newark has delays and philadelphia airport as well. so check before you go to to catch your flight. shep? >> steve centanni hagerstown maryland
tonight. is where is this headed? >> lots of snow. contains city man just got dumped on colorado to maryland. up to new york. take a look record breaker in springfield all time record for the city of springfield, illinois. 18.5. in buoyla, colorado, close to 20 inches, red house, maryland, 16 inches. missouri a foot as well he is kansas. and then the severe decide of the storm, shepard, where we saw wind gusts in excess of hurricane strength. 86 mile-per-hour wind gusts in orlando. cape canaveral 67 miles per hour. cocoa 58 miles per hour. we saw some tornado warnings as well as the storm moved through. >> shepard: what a day. janice dean live for us. janice, thanks a lot. it looks like punxsutawney phil is off the hook. handler is taking the blame for wrongly predicting the
spring. the handler says punxsutawney phil got it right all along. he failed to interrupt his groundhoggesque and interpret it. last week a professor and prosecutor came together and the prosecutor in ohio filed a tongue in cheek criminal indictment against the famous pennsylvania groundhog. he vowed to seek the death penalty. that prosecutor session he is willing to pardon phil based on the new evidence. hell no word whether he he will try to send that handler to death row. you want to take a knife on the plane? you have right at it that's great. try to check your email during takeoff? that is a federal offense. the wacky world in which we live. there is word now that the rules may be about to change. as flying finally catches up with the times. but no shampoo. plus, after two days, lottery officials say the winner of that 338 power ball jackpot has just fresh out of jersey just ahead. mallonrothers magic?
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>> shepard: well, we are still waiting to find out exactly who won this weekend 338-million-dollar power ball -- you can imagine that 338 million dumped in your lap. lottery officials in jersey say validated the ticket. brought it to the same liquor store that sold it 50 miles north and new jersey. officials still don't know who the winner's name is julie banderas has more in our newsroom. >> i had enough time to drive back to make the live shot that's how dedicated i am. it happened in eagle liquor store in new jersey. the owner of that store will get $10,000. they are winners, too. the owner hasn't actually said he will probably use some of the money to fix up the store and also share
some with employees. though right now we do not know exactly hot winner no, it was not me. other shoppers though were also happy for the lucky ticket holder. someone is out there with a lot of money who gets it to him or himself. >> it is i can't explain how excited we are. >> lucky person in the world. i feel proud to tell you the truth. >> very happy. get out of here. >> they are not fans of their hometown. the drawing was on saturday. lottery officials say the winner or winners don't often come forward to claim their winning. they don't realize they won or making plans of their own. >> get out of here. that's a little harsh. >> have you been there? i don't blame them. >> all right. anyway. how much is it worth? >> before the drawing, the jackpot had actually been estimated at $320 million. but the late ticket sales brought the value up to $338 million. that's the fourth largest power ball prize ever.
winners can elect to be paid out over 29 years or lump sum option when which in this case is 221 million. the odds of winning by the way about 175 million to one. those are some odds. >> shepard: i will say. julie banderas tonight. thanks. boeing dream liner returned to the skies today. first flight since all the battery problems grounded all around the world. boeing held a 2 hour test flight in seattle. aimed at showing federal officials that those battive tri issues are fixed. batteries caught fire on board two of the planes. one in boston and the other in japan. that incident led to full scale investigation and caused the feds to ground all 50 of the deem liners currently in flight. today, federal transportation officials announce they will hold a forum next month looking at the safety of that type of battery. and it seems those same officials are figuring out that ipads and kindles do not make planes fall from the sky. they might relax the rules
in using electronics in flight as all fliers know you have to turn off your gadget for take off and landing. if the door is shut you have got to do it. things like tablets, smart phones, laptops. according to the reportings of the "new york times" officials hope to drop that rule by the end of this year. cell phone calls would still be banned. they point out there is no evidence, none at all that electronics cause any danger of any kind. none. still, one former f.a.a. official says there is still more testing to be done. he stopped by "studio b." >> the g.p.s. systems on almost all aircraft they are really not built to block out a lot of interference because of the way they are designed. as we move to more satellite based navigation and getting away from radar we have to make sure those g.p.s. devices are secure. >> shepard: while they are busy powering down devices. pilots are often reading manuals on ipads. unbelievable. stocks took a tum itable today despite word that the
tiny island nation of cyprus had reached a deal to keep its banks aglots. tonight why experts say the financial trouble is is still far from over and how it could affect all of us. we are live in cyprus. the latest on a missing vial. a vial which scientists say is filled with a deadly virus. and did you hear about tiger woods? he is back on top. back on top for the first time in more than a year we'll show you what happened today. as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. your chance to ri. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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after florld gulf coast university add vaptioned to the sweet 16. the first time a 15th seed has ever accomplished that feat. you go fort meyers. earlier this weekend the ninth seed wichita state took down top seed gonzaga gaffe. all the upsets make for good tv. ratings for the first sunday's games were their highest level in 20 years. gulf coast beat them gators. tiger woods beat them all. is he finally all the way back. he is once again the world's top golfer after a huge win today, a rain delayed around palmer invitation. it's his 77th career pga tour victory. his third in just five starts this season and with the all important masters tournament a little more than two weeks away. he now overtakes rory
mcilroy in the rankings. the last time tiger woods held the number one spot october of 2010. at one point he fell as low as 58th. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news people are camping out in the snow at the supreme court. for tickets for hearings on same sex marriage. the justices are set to hear two cases back-to-back. first up the battle over california's ban over same sex marriage. then a challenge to federal law that denies benefits to gay couples who are legally married in their home states. shannon bream is live with us from our d.c. newsroom. shannon, two different cases but what's the bottom line here? >> one deals with the state law and the other the federal law. at the heart of both cases is the question whether or not the opportunity for same sex couples to marry is a constitutional right. here is mark suleman director for freedom to
marry. the fundamental issue is whether loving and committed same sex couples who served their country to ho pay taxes. some of whom are raising families, whether they should be able to take part in the fundamentally american freedom to marry. by the way those we talked to out there in the snow exclude included the first same sex couple in california to marry when it was temporarily legal. >> shepard: how do people plan to situate justices. >> in the california case of course they are going to argue the courts should not overturn a majority something california voters said they wanted a ban on gay marriage in their state. when it comes to the federal law, they also believe the justices are not ready to completely redefine something that has been at the foundation of society. here is brian brown, president of national organization for marriage. >> i don't think the justices, the majority of the justices are going to want to launch another culture war and are going to respect the right of voters to decide their future to decide something
as simple as that it takes a man and woman to make a marriage. >> and the court is doing something it rarely does. it release the audio both tuesday and wednesday sometime each afternoon decisions in both cases due late june. shep? >> shepard: shannon bream in washington. thanks. also debating the big drug company's policy of pay to delay. generic versions of brand name medications. lawyers for consumer groups the american medical association and the feds say the policy cost patients more than $3 billion a year. that's because generic drugs cannable up to 90% cheaper. attorneys for the drug companies claim they spent billions coming up with the medications and they need to get all that money back. a fox urgent now. a magnitude 6.2 earthquake has just struck in guatemala. only about 6 miles to the southeast of its cap tam city. that's according to the u.s. geological survey. keep in mind experts warn a
magnitude 6 quake could significant damage to cities and other populated areas. we have no reports in just yet. we will bring them to you as we get them. short lived optimism on wall street today despite a last minute deal to save the so-called mediterranean cayman islands. stocks got off to a start but soon dropped. the nasdaq -- the dow lost 64, the nasdaq 10 and s&p 5. agreed to bailout the island of sprus preventing it from going into bankruptcy. as part of that agreement smaller savings accounts are safe. the government will pay those with at least $130,000 in them. the country's second largest bank will also effectively shut down. experts say that could cost thousands of jobs. some european leaders were reportedly against the entire bailout because experts say cyprus is a tax haven for russian mob centers. greg palkot with the news live in cyprus' capitol
city. greg? >> shep, the president of shy plus was on -- cyprus was on tv. he told fellow citizens to be calm. that could be i did. defended his actions of keeping the country out of bankruptcy and eurozone. people here and elsewhere are concerned about the high cost of that bailout and most significantly the president's most worrying that seizure of private bank assets help fund this whole thing it's true that smaller depositors were not going to be touched. the fear is if the big guys could get hit. the small guys could get hit as well. to give you an idea how fluid the situation is. most banks were supposed to reopen on tuesday. others on thursday. fox news can now confirm that all the banks will not open tomorrow, will be open on thursday. in fact, the government changing its mind. by that time, by the way, the folks here on this island nation won't have any access to banks for 12
days 12 gays in the heart of -- 12 days in the heart of europe. president speaking to citizens he says significant decisions will be made in the coming days. it could be a bumpy ride. back to you, shep. >> shepard: greg pat cot. cyprus. no need to panic. if you could, take a look around for a moment. see if you find a zil a deadly virus. folks at the university of texas would appreciate it medical facility says it lost the vial last week. the virus inside that vial can cause a potentially deadly fever in humans. only through contact with venezuelan rats. anyway the school's president has released a statement saying the investigation continues but at this time it is likely, but not confirmed that the vial was destroyed during normal laboratory sterilization practices. investigators say they want to know more about how too sky divers plummeted to the ground and died over the weekend. and a key piece of evidence on one victim's helmet may
tell the story. plus, more than two years after the syrian regime started killing its own people. we are learning the u.s. is now training some antigovernment fighters. in fact, this training has gone on for months. the details on that just ahead. if you think most hybrids are a bit under sized then this will be a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid. but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track and use fidelity's analytics to spot trends,
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>> shepard: the u.s. is training fighters to join the battle against president bashar assad owho has been slaughtering his own people for more than two years now. the program has been going on in jordan for at least 8 months. the trainees do not include members of free syrian army which has meanwhile the u.s. reports it's pulling half of its foreign staffers out of syria after a mortar attack damaged their hotel and a vehicle in damascus. a spokesman says that the move is temporary and united nations is still committed to finding a political solution to that bloody civil war.
the united nations now we are hearing about new fox report correspondent more sign today of how tough this remains for that opposition. >> on a military and political level, first the e founder and one the leaders of the free syrian army has been badly wounded in a car bomb attack. in fact, we are hearing that that gentleman right there has lost a leg. that a major blow to the free syria army. then on the political front, the leader of the syrian national coalition has resigned. citing differences with other senior figures within the opposition over what they should do for the future of syria. state department officials today tried to play down the significance of this resignation, listen. >> this is a democratic process so. there are going to be some differences of opinion. what's important is that the opposition continue to work toward what they have
laid out which is a vision for intolerant inclusive syria. there may be different leadership that may come and go. there may be different folks who play roles but he would want them to continue to focus on that important vision. >> the reality is though that there are dozens, if not hundreds of differing groups among the rebels, many of whom have very different visions of syrians future. shep. >> so some difficulties, obviously. pressure seems to remain intense on bashar assad. >> you could, in fact, make the argument that president assad physically speaking at least is becoming merely the president of a couple of square miles in damascus. the rebels fired more shells once again today towards the presidential palace in the center of damascus but they were met with a huge barrage of missiles outgoing from the government positions. one journalist there reported something like 200 explosions in the capital today. meantime, the u.s. is clearly working with syria's neighbors, jordan,
israel, turkey, and iraq to try to develop a new approach to put even more pressure on bashar al assad. we haven't seen now for several days. not since last thursday when state tv ran some pictures of him allegedly shot meeting some civilians last week. we have no way of knowing when that picture was shot. we have not heard from president assad several days. >> shepard: you wonder if he is still there. even. the u.s. military is no longer holding prisoners in afghan jails. the u.s. handed over control of the last remaining detention facility at the bagram base near kabul. it had been a sore spot for relations between the two countries. afghan's president harmid karzai national jail as a point of sovereignty. karzai meanwhile welcomed the u.s. secretary of state john kerry.
the two men insisting the relationships is just fine. everything is fine. that's despite recent remarks in which karzai appeared to accuse the united states of colluding with the taliban to keep afghanistan weak. >> you never used the word collusion between the taliban and the u.s. picked up. >> we are on the same page. i don't think there is any disagreement between us. and i'm very, very comfortable with president's explanation. >> cats and dogs are playing well tonight around the world. this unannounced visit to afghanistan was kerry's first as secretary of state. he made several trips there as a senator. well, flames have ripped through historic building. one of the world's most visited capitols and that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. united kingdom, the fire broke out midday in one of the oldest parts of central london at a four story structure housing a family museum and a library. more than 100 firefighters
and 20 engines from surrounding towns battled flames that engulfed the entire roof. crews reportedly evacuated some 30 people to safety. officials say they will try to salvage as many museum art facts as possible. indonesia. torrential rains triggered a deadly landslide in western java. at least six people died as heavy mud buried several hillside homes. more than 1,000 rescue workers dug through debris for missing villagers. crews took hundreds of others to sherltsd. france. rare items from the life of knap napoleon. ring he gave to his wife josephine sold for a million bucks. a portrait went for half a million bucks. belgium chocolate flavored postage stamps now on sale across the country. it has chocolate seed oil
so folks taste and smell chocolate. instead of 5, it costs around 8 bucks. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> two sky divers plunge to their death over the weekend and the evidence suggests they may never have opened their main parachutes. now, investigators say they plan to look at footage from one of the skydiver's helmet cams to see if they can determine what went wrong. it happened on saturday at a popular sky diving facility about '30 miles north and east of tampa. the two victims, one instructor and student part of a skydiver group from iceland. the men had made two jumps that morning. they jumped unattached not in tandem. the manager the sky dive facility it appeared neither man made any attempt to activate main chute. it had to be pretty bad.
a tragic day for friends having a good time. >> divers reserve shoots did indeed deploy automatically but not in time to save their lives. folks had to evacuate their homes after a sink hole opened up in the same central florida town where another one killed a man last month. a fire rescue man says the ground gaveway saturday night in between two homes in tampa. the sink hole measures 8-foot across and 10 feet deep. that hole is no threat to those homes but they have blocked off the area as a precaution. less than two miles from massive sink hole that opened beneath the home two weeks ago and swallowed a guy in his bedroom. they said it was too dangerous to recover the body and they filled in that pit. police report a driver fell asleep at the wheel and drove right through a guardrail near miami here. the metal pole went through the passenger's side of the wind chill and out the rear
windows. copses say somehow. they tell us he was driving with a suspended license. investigators say they now know whether the gun that turned up at the scene of a deadly shootout in texas is the same weapon that killed the head of colorado's prison system. we will get the video on the new evidence just ahead. president obama calling on congress to finish the job on immigration reform. one republican claims the president really wants the whole thing to fall apart. that's coming up in just a minute. of zimbabwe ? ... the first time you ask with the google voice search. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid recognition. droid powerful.
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>> shepard: new today, the gun used to kill the head of colorado's department of is the same gun used in the police shootout in texas. that's according to investigators who say they matched that gun by comparing bullet casings.
but the motive for the murder still unclear. police say the gunman walked up to tom clements house and shot him dead when the victim answered the front door. two days later cops in texas caught up with the suspect after a wild 100 mile-per-hour police chase. officers shot the suspect after a car crash. at a memorial service today the widow of tom clements spoke about the night her husband died. >> last tuesday night, tom and i were watching tv and our doorbell rang. and my life was forever changed. >> >> shepard: clements widow went on to say while her husband would have wanted justice for the gunman he also would have wanted forgiveness. let's get this done. let's get this done that's what the 'president is saying about immigration reform. 28 new american citizens including 13 members of the united states military. the president says congress is making progress on a reform plan. now he is calling for lawmakers to finish the job.
wendell goler is at the white house tonight. the aides say the president is worried that congress might be getting, i don't know, bogged done? >> well, shep, he seemed to be warning lawmakers not to find an excuse to give up. he said that's happened in the past there are bipartisan groups working on immigration reform in the house and the senate. mr. obama says debate should bebegin next month and he wants to sign a bill as soon as possible. everybody knows what's broken and how to fix it. we have all proposed a slot a lot of solutions and white papers and studies. we at this point have have got to work up the political courage to do what's required to be done. >> the senate group's biggest sticking point is how much to pay the 200,000 low skilled workers who would be allowed into the country each year with organizing labor accusing republicans of offering them only a path to poverty. and the chamber of commerce promising they will get a median wage, shepard. >> shepard: what about the
path to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants who are already here? >> on the senate side, the group is coming together around an agreement that would provide that if border security is improved first. no one is suggesting that the improvements are unreasonable. half the so-called gang of 8 will visit the arizona border later this week to get a feel for what needs to be done. still. so president's critics don't trust him on the immigration issue. texas republican senator ted cruze told the dallas morning news, quote: what he's is -- he wants is for the bill to creator so he can use the use the issue as a political wedge in 2014 and 2016. support so long as it is in line with the principles he has offered, shepard? >> shepard: wendell goler on the white house lawn tonight. >> shepard: george w. bush southern university campus. when completed it will be
the size of four football fields. some of the features a 67-foot tower with a lantern that glows at night. and the rose garden similar to the one at the white house with plants that flourish in the texas heat. officials say the place will house a library, a museum, and a 15-acre park. the center honors america's 43rd president. it's set to open to the public on the first of may. there is word of a simple fix to a problem that's been playing mankind sips the beginning of music. getting a catchy song out of your head. tough, isn't it? the secret to relief is here. from those lingering airwaves? i'm ready for this one. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to.
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>> shepard: scientists say they have finally found a way to get that song out of your head. according to